Oriel Deep Sea Magnesium and Mineral Extract: pure cell nutrition

Oriel is an Irish company established in 2012, specialised in the patented and eco-friendly Hydrasphere™ technology used for the extraction of Oriel Deep Sea Magnesium and Mineral Extract. This active ingredient is extracted and harvested directly from seawater off the coast of Port Oriel, famous for its high salinity and mineral content. Such a sustainable technique not only guarantees the maintenance of the extract purity, but also an extraordinary bioavailability and bioactive response at cellular level for skin health and recovery.
Oriel Deep Sea Magnesium and Mineral Extract is an active with a great versatility in the cosmetic field: it can be used in skin, body, hair and sun care products as well as make-up products. This active ingredient improves skin barrier function, cohesion and elasticity, providing a more even skin tone and a high level of hydration. A wide range of minerals, necessary for skin health, determines these properties. Genetic studies show how the active ingredient can up-regulate genes involved in the formation of different types of collagen, essential for the formation of Skin Tissue.
Oriel embraces the core standards of working with the environment to harvest products of high excellence, which gives an added value to the company. In addition to its sustainable values, Oriel main goal is to build solid and long-term relationships with its partners, working with them to improve the performance of their products.