Refresh Your Brand Promise with Oils that Give Skin a Hydrating Hand

2020 has been a challenging year for a number of reasons, but perhaps one of the most talked about elements of this is skincare.

In the midst of a global pandemic, care and protection are crucial. For many of us, this means essential PPE to cover our mouths and hands while outside or travelling. Although gloves and masks are important for limiting the spread of Covid-19, they also mean that the skin underneath needs a little more care and attention.

The pandemic has seen the rise of ‘maskne’, or mask acne. The term is used to describe the challenge of keeping skin refreshed and hydrated under PPE, when the usual fresh air flow is limited.

Dermatologists have stated that the principle cause of problems is the sticky and more humid skin environment created by masks and gloves, which can accelerate the development and spread of pores and pimples. It’s no wonder there has been a noticeable rise in skin irritation!

Plus, extended periods of isolated working has altered daily skincare routines for many. The realities of working from home, without face to face meetings or working with colleagues, has meant some of the more cosmetically oriented products have taken a back seat, reflected in fluctuating commercial performance for the category.

So, what does this mean for new product development in the personal care sector?

In light of the ongoing market conditions, where does the personal care sector move next? The key is agility; bringing added hydration into existing products and using this surging demand to shape new product development.

To respond to the additional skin challenges presented by today’s necessary PPE, either consumer use experiences will change, or the products they use will adapt. This indicates that brands able to develop existing formulations for more protection and moisture put themselves at a significant advantage.

Helpfully for formulators looking to adapt their offer to the demands of today’s market environment, there are versatile ingredients available that can bring natural hydration to formulations quickly and simply. Taking an even closer look, plant-based oils can provide and lock in moisture while also meeting the consumer need for natural, authentic ingredients.

What plant-based oils can bring natural hydration to personal care formulations?

There is a multitude of oils from all around the globe that can bring powerful moisturising properties to existing formulations as well as new.

Sweet Almond Oil is a great example of an authentic hydrating oil. The oil is best known for its use in aromatherapy, but it’s becoming ever more popular in personal care formulations, and it’s not hard to see why.

The oil benefits from a fine, silky texture and delicate scent. Crucially, it is fantastic for absorbing easily into the skin. Because it’s a relatively new addition to the personal care sector, Sweet Almond Oil can be harnessed as real differentiator on the store shelves and has the ability to wow the consumer. It also benefits from emollient properties, leaving skin feeling smooth and refreshed, lending it powerful use in anti-aging products.

Plus, while the studies around its properties are fairly new, there is evidence to suggest that Sweet Almond Oil can play an important role in guarding the skin from irritation and protecting the natural barriers. Because of this, Sweet Almond Oil is proving a popular choice in skin-sensitive formulations, such as for individuals with dermatitis or eczema.

Can plant-based oils nourish the skin?

Natural oils are truly the unsung hero of the personal care sector, playing an important but often understated role in formulations.

As consumers look for products that fit effortlessly into existing routines and nourish the skin, there is commercial opportunity for brands to meet this need. To see the real potential behind this, take into account the rapid move away from synthetic ingredients. Consumers are turning away from processed chemicals in favour of more naturally-oriented products.

By way of an example, Avocado Oil is a great point of focus – and an oil on the rise. Avocado Oil is enjoying a fresh lease of life in skincare formulations, where its powerful hydration is proving a real hit with consumers.

Avocado Oil protects, nourishes and repairs skin. Many brands choose Avocado Oil for properties similar to Aloe Vera, bringing lasting hydration deep into the skin. Its nutritional content provides real consumer-led appeal, including protein and lecithin, essential fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E. Significantly for brands and manufacturers in the personal care space, Avocado Oil has a delicate aroma and the versatility to fit into existing formulations effectively without overpowering other ingredients or altering their function.

Avocado oil sits alongside a broad range of powerful and hydrating natural oils available from Kerfoot. As consumers look for moisturising products that keep as close to natural as possible, there has never been a better time to explore the possibilities.

In Summary

‘Maskne’ and the necessity of protective masks and gloves have added new challenges to everyday skin care – but consumers are becoming proactive with their product selections. Brands in personal care have an opportunity to truly connect with an engaged audience by infusing hydration into existing products and shaping future product portfolios.

With a portfolio of over 500 oils and ingredients to the food, personal care and industrial sectors, discover the impressive range from Kerfoot. Each product in the range, and subsequently each partner along the supply chain, is carefully curated to capture the authenticity, quality and traceability that consumers love.

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