Responsible Care Award 2020

“Responsible Care” is the voluntary program to promote the Sustainable Development of the global Chemical Industry, according to values ​​and behaviors oriented towards safety, health and the environment, in the more general context of corporate social responsibility. The initiative born in Canada in 1984 by the Canadian Chemical Producer Association (CCPA). In 1989 the Program was launched in Europe, by the CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council).

The Responsible Care Program is currently adopted by over 10,000 chemical companies, in more than 60 countries around the world. The various national programs, while influenced by local cultures and socio-economic contexts, have common fundamental characteristics, defined by the ICCA (International Council of Chemical Associations), which plays a role of promotion, assistance and connection for all the activities related to sustainable development inside the industries.

Federchimica, every year, assigns the “Responsible Care Award” to three companies, in order to recognize virtuous corporate approaches in terms of sustainability and to disseminate good Practices among its members.

We are very pleased to announce that the 2020 ceremony has seen ROELMI HPC awarded for the category “sustainable project” thanks to our EMotion®️ Line composed by cosmetic esters coming from European renewable crops of local origin characterized by maximum respect for biodiversity, tested biodegradability and no competition with the agri-food industry.