Simply honest with… Dr. Emina Besic Gyenge

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The word “Aion” in REFORCYL®-AION is derived from Greek mythology. Aion was the god who spun the wheel of time and was able to rejuvenate himself. Is REFORCYL®-AION able to turn back the wheel of time… in humans?

Emina: (laughs) Well, sort of… in Greek, the word aion (αἰών) also means “a very long, unlimited time”. REFORCYL®-AION represents an innovative approach to anti-ageing treatment that promotes autophagy, the “spring-cleaning” of body cells. We at RAHN have coined the term “garb’ageing” to describe the process of accumulation of cellular waste.  The removal of these waste cells fosters longevity and rejuvenation.

Would that mean that the concept behind REFORCYL®-AION is a simple cleaning of cells? Is that enough to rejuvenate overall skin appearance? How does autophagy work? In few simple words… if possible.

Emina: Autophagy is far more than just a “simple” mechanism involving the cleaning of cells. Imagine this situation: you open your closet, and think – I have nothing to wear. However, the closet is full of clothes… What you need is “spring cleaning“. The clothes that you no longer want or need you put in a big bag for disposal as used textiles. The ones you still like (and that still fit) you sort out neatly in your wardrobe. The favourite ones with small holes and missing buttons you repair and make ready for the new fashion season. Such a closet purge not only has a cleansing, powerful effect, but also gives you the necessary impetus for a new beginning. This is exactly what happens to our cells and thanks to autophagy, they also get sorted out and made functional. This combination of cellular cleaning and repairing results in a purified, rejuvenated skin.

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What kind of exotic plant is required to support such a complex process?

Emina: Sometimes you’ll find the most exotic plants in your own back garden. The raw material that is used in the manufacture of REFORCYL®-AION is a pressed cake that is created during the production of the famous organic Styrian pumpkin seed oil in Austria. Behind the harvesting and manufacturing processes is a holistic upcycling concept – a principle as circular as a pumpkin itself.

Could you spill the beans about REFORCYL®-AION?

Emina: (sighs) On the whole, the project went quite smoothly. Nevertheless, the greatest challenge for us was finding a way to preserve the product that was both highly effective and natural. We initially considered several systems and a series of tests were carried out before we finally identified the solution. We found natural 1,3-propanediol to be ideal and this thus won out in the end. We were relieved that we had found what we wanted.

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Thank you very much for your openness in speaking about REFORCYL®-AION.

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