SINO HYAL™ LINE: 100% Sodium Hyaluronate with different molecular weights for your needs & beauty


Sino Hyal™ is able to meet the different needs of the market offering a wide range of Hyaluronan based on different molecular weights. Our strength has the 100% capacity to control the hyaluronate chain and the ability to offer tailor made solution for our customers, including water solution form.

Our standard grades go from 20 to 2000+ kDa.


Hyaluronan is a stable molecule, with good flexibility and exceptional rheological properties, with the function to be able to fill the spaces between the connective fibres known as collagen and elastin. This ingredient hydrates the skin, allowing it to retain water and creating also a plumping effect.

When applied onto the epidermis, Sodium Hyaluronate has the ability to form non-occlusive films that regulate water perspiration as well as to retain water on the skin surface, thus playing a major role as a “water reservoir”.

That very film can also protect the skin from external aggressions that may alter the natural lipidic barrier. Such amazing properties, as well as its physiological presence in the dermis, are the reasons for Sodium Hyaluronate popularity and appeal as a cosmetic ingredient, widely used in moisturisers, face & eye creams, serums, face cleansers and anti-ageing products, amongst many other formats.


Moisturizing effect: Sino Hyal™ helps the skin in absorbing water and in filling the spaces between skin cells to replace the lost moisture.

Skin repair effect: Sino Hyal™ is effective in promoting healing and acts as a free radical scavenger and antioxidant, helping to protect the skin from the ageing effects of excessive sunlight exposure.

Skin nutrition effect: this ingredient encourages moisture retention, viscoelasticity and lubricity; we recommend Sino Hyal™ for basic skin nutrition as well as anti-ageing formulations.

Emollient and Film-forming: Sino Hyal™ creates a non-occlusive protective film on the skin surface which retains moisture and, at the same time, prevents TEWL. This improves the freshness of the skin therefore providing a youthful appearance.

Thickening: Sodium Hyaluronate displays interesting rheological modification properties of aqueous systems. Higher Molecular Weight grades have greater water-thickening capacity. That is why Sino Hyal™ can be effectively used as a multifunctional ingredient that builds viscosity, delivers skin benefits and imparts a velvety & soft skin feel.

Ease of use: We offer Sino Hyal™ MMW 1% Solution and Sino Hyal™ HMW 1% Solution, clear & viscous ready-to-use 1% aqueous solutions of Sodium Hyaluronate. These ingredients are particularly suitable for those Formulators seeking a convenient and easy-to-use way to add Sodium Hyaluronate into their formulae.


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