Sustainability Reports Released

CPL Aromas has launched its 2020 Sustainability Report and the summarised Sustainability Impact Report, detailing the progress already done on the road to the company’s sustainable goals, in line with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

CPL Aromas’ CEO, Chris Pickthall, said: “After a challenging 2020, it is great to see what our team has achieved on the sustainability front. These successes motivate us to achieve our 2030 Sustainability targets. To reflect our commitment, last year we incorporated the need for a Sustainable Mindset as one of our ingredients for success, in our renewed Brand Principles”.

The reports reveal CPL’s achievements during 2020 related to theirfour focus areas: protecting our environment, caring for people, delivering responsible innovations and committing to ethical sourcing.

Charlotte Purcell, Group Technical Director in charge of driving sustainability in CPL, said: “2020 was a challenging year for everyone, but it was also a year in which we drove our sustainability goals further as a team. We achieved some milestones ahead of time, but we know there’s much still to be done. Our reports highlight where we have been doing well, our areas of opportunity and highlights the road ahead”.