Sustainable Cellulose Fibres for Wrinkle Filling, Soft Focus & Blurring


Sustainable Cellulose Fibres For Wrinkle Filling, Soft Focus and  Blurring


  • Ultra Small 4 Micron Particle Size
  • Wrinkle Filling
  • Light Scattering
  • Perfect for Primers, Concealers and Eye Contour Serums



JRS’s extensive range of cellulose and microcrystalline cellulose based sensorial and effect powders is well known. The range of VITACEL and VIVAPUR grades offer the formulator a host of 100% Natural, Biodegradable and Sustainable alternatives to synthetics.


One such grade- VIVAPUR CS 4 FM is the smallest fibre JRS product for Personal Care application. It’s size (4 micron) and fibre structure make it an idea “wrinkle filler”. It also has the added functionality of blurring and lightly mattifying the skin- creating a “soft focus” effect- Ideal for close up selfies!


VIVAPUR CS 4 FM is easy to use and insoluble in water and oil. It can be added at any stage (2-4%) of the manufacturing process and is completely inert. On application VIVAPUR CS 4 FM gives a very light powdery feel on the skin and has the added advantage of reducing stickiness and tackiness where polymers and other sticky materials have been used in the formulation.


VIVAPUR CS 4 FM can be used in a host of facial skin care products including, Primers, Concealers,  BB and CC creams and Serums.  Used in combination with active ingredients, VIVAPUR CS 4 FM, can give enhanced performance by adding an extra dimension of- “instant visual effect” to the long term anti-aging claims.


VIVAPUR CS 4 FM is from Sustainable source, 100% Natural (ISO16128), Cosmos Certified and Readily Biodegradable.


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