Sustainably Harvested Alginates from the Sea

  • Effective thickening
  • Lubricious skin feel
  • Range of viscosities
  • Crosslinking activated by Calcium ions



JRS’s range of Alginates come from the extensive Kelp forests off the coast of Brittany (north western France). The sustainable harvesting is strictly controlled with only a small proportion of the available kelp species taken.

JRS’s Alginates are produced  at Landerneau (Brittany) from two species- Laminaria hyperborea and Laminaria digitata. Processing of the these leads to a range of grades, typically characterised by their solubility and resultant viscosity.

Sodium Alginate (INCI Algin) is predominantly used is Personal Care formulations due to its solubility.  Once in solution Sodium Alginate’s gives rise to a range of viscosities and, crucially, can be further influenced by the addition of Calcium ions resulting in extensive crosslinking and dramatic increases in viscosity. Higher viscosity grades eventually become solid gels. This property has lead to Alginates being used is a range of novel applications including encapsulation and “peel off” face masks.

The lubricity of Sodium Alginates in solution suggest a still wider range of uses in skin care formulations from emulsions (external phase thickening and skin feel) to serums (gelling and lubricity). Hair care applications are also suggested due to the characteristic lubricity (wet comb conditioning) and silky after feel on drying.

JRS’s Alginates offer the formulator a sustainable and 100% Natural (ISO 16128) solution to the increasing needs of the market for “green” issue free technologies.

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