Symrise launches HydrolexTM E

Symrise launches HydrolexTM E, a multifunctional solution to protect modern cosmetic formulations

— High quality humectant and emollient that helps with product protection
— Practically odour-free, ideal for a wide range of ‘clean’ formulations
— Perfectly complements Symrise’s other multifunctional ingredients and preservatives

Symrise expands its line-up of multifunctional ingredients with the launch of HydrolexTM E, a pure version of Ethylhexylglycerin. It brings multifunctionality to cosmetic formulations, along with the added benefits of being virtually odour-free and helps product protection. HydrolexTM E is suitable for a wide range of formulations including emulsions, wipes and gels, and surfactantbased products such as shampoos and shower gels.

This product fits growing consumer trends towards clean and minimalist beauty. It also forms the perfect addition to the current Symrise line-up of ingredients including Hydrolite® 5 green, SymLite® G8 and SymSave® H.

“With HydrolexTM E, we offer a superior quality multifunctional, ideal for use in a wide variety of cosmetic formulations. Its liquid state makes it very easy to work with and, being virtually odor-free, is perfectly suited for times when manufacturers aim for fragrance-free formulations”, says Dr. Sabrina Behnke, Senior Global Product Manager at Symrise.

Symrise produces HydrolexTM E in its state-of-the-art production facility. This enables the manufacture and delivery of a product with superior quality. Customers will appreciate that the virtually odor-free single ingredient delivers multiple benefits as a humectant and an emollient, and also provides effective product protection.

“Symrise has established itself as the number one supplier of modern product protection ingredients and with HydrolexTM E we have added another great product protection solution that works in harmony with our existing portfolio. We know customers will immediately appreciate the superior quality and efficacy of this material”, adds Behnke.

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