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On-The-Glow Prototype Kit

NEW LAUNCH Lincolnton, November 30th, 2022.   Introducing On-The-Glow by Active Concepts, an innovative prototype kit of products that makes it easy to achieve a healthy and glowy complexion! ”Donut glazed skin”, “Dewy skin” or “Glowy skin” is the newest trend that everyone's talking about, and with the release of On-The-Glow, there's never been a... Read more »

Active Concepts Debuts Oil Soluble Vegan Hydrolyzed Keratin Alternative

The rising trend of vegan beauty inspires the development of new functional equivalents from a botanical source. Active Concepts meets the ethos of the new-age consumer with AC Vegan Keratin OS, a vegan and sustainable hydrolyzed keratin alternative in an oil soluble form.   Hydrolyzed keratin is a go-to strengthening protein for hair care. While... Read more »

Active Concepts Harnesses Mycelium Technology for Protective Hair Care

Covid-19 has accelerated economic change, including a laser focus on sustainable practices. These progressive times call for sustainable innovations with consumers advocating for ethical and natural alternative technologies. Fungi are at the forefront of an environmental and medicinal movement, making them essential for the future of the planet as well as health and innate immunity…. Read more »