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AMTicide® VAF: Antimicrobial Preservatives for Cosmetic Products

Lincolnton, North Carolina, 7th December 2021 - Focusing our efforts on natural product chemistry, Active Micro Technologies has combined cosmetic functionality with antimicrobial activity to develop a product range of multi-functional ingredients. This sustainable, nature-based product line includes aqueous, oil-soluble, anhydrous, and powder treatment materials that can reduce or eliminate the need for conventional preservatives.   AMTicide®... Read more »

A New Approach to “Non-Preservative” Technologies

With novel focus on the expression of postbiotics, Active Micro Technologies is showcasing its latest solution for alternative preservation: ProBiocin V™. The culturing of the probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus acidophilus, supported by prebiotic nutrients, presents a new global approach to “non-preservative” technologies. ProBiocin V™ harnesses the benefits of prebiotic oligosaccharides to offer a competitive edge in... Read more »