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Break the cycle of irritated skin: The upcycling experts at Full Circle are back with their most advanced active yet

Brewery by-products are a hot topic when it comes to cosmetics, with recent studies showing that they are a treasure trove of skin-loving actives. Full Circle’s new Barley TONIQ® is no exception; by utilising clever enzymatic extraction, they have supercharged fermented barley to create a potent skin-soothing active that rapidly rebalances irritated skin. With a… Read more »

Hair Care – From Scalp to Tip

Hair care - from scalp to tip As more consumers realize that beautiful looking hair starts with a healthy scalp, the trend for skin actives in hair care products is growing. “Skinification” also feeds into the trend for Resilient Beauty, with its focus on bouncing back from adversity stronger than before and building a better... Read more »

Essential Oils for Sleep and Stress Relief

Sleep is a crucial biological process and one of the most important aspects of our health. Recent studies show that 62% of adults don’t get enough sleep, and stress has been identified as one of the main reasons. 74% of British adults felt so stressed at some point in the last year that they felt... Read more »

Towards eco-conscious sun protection

Environmental, health, and societal concerns all play a growing role in today’s consumers’ decision making. The Resilient Beauty trend calls for coming out of the Covid crisis stronger than before, to build a better world – paying more attention to the future of our planet. At DSM, we believe in empowering customers and consumers to... Read more »

Expert advice & solutions for natural and safe perfuming

Natural ingredients are not automatically without risk. Fragrances of a natural origin can have allergic potential or, on the other hand, be susceptible to contamination. Markus Nahrwold (Minsasolve) explains the approaches that green chemistry offers. Consumers often perceive aromatic plant extracts as “better” than synthetic fragrances. Yet, experts in the field of natural and chemical... Read more »

Introducing Liponate™ Jojoba 20 for sensitive skin-friendly formulations

Vantage Personal Care™ introduces Liponate™ Jojoba 20 for sensitive skin-friendly formulations According to Nielsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report, 66% of consumers globally say they are willing to pay more for sustainable and transparent brands. In the personal care market, the need for increased traceability is not only influenced by food trends, but also resonates with... Read more »

Mouthwash of the future

How to formulate a natural, sustainable & microbiota-friendly mouthwash A mouthwash yesterday and today A classic mouthwash is focused on removing microbes. The idea behind this is that the less microbes, the less sensitive gums, the less tooth decay, the less infections, and the fresher breath. The main ingredient to achieve the microbes’ reduction is... Read more »

From gin to skin

From gin to skin: Upcycling experts Full Circle team up with award-winning brewery to develop zero waste cosmetic ingredient from gin distillery leftovers On a mission to prove the cosmetic industry can thrive by upcycling, sustainable beauty pioneers Full Circle have launched a new, potent plant-based active ingredient for beauty and personal care applications made... Read more »