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Hectorite in Personal Care products

Hectorite clay is used in many personal care ingredients from Elementis. It has many unique properties including: - Shear thinning properties - Improved stability - Excellent suspension of actives and pigments - Cold processable - Luxurious skin feel See below for NEW launches from Elementis featuring Hectorite! Bentone Hydroclay™ 2100 An easily dispersible powdered smectite clay.... Read more »

The Water-saving Haircare Revolution

IT’S TIME TO JOIN THE WATER-SAVING HAIRCARE REVOLUTION! Waterless & low-water haircare formulations can come in a variety of forms, including balms, powders, solid bars and oils. Some are highly concentrated – such as solid bars and powders – which help to reduce the volume and weight of a finished product, lowering the carbon footprint... Read more »


This skincare/hybrid beauty trend is all about the 'glass skin' look. Hydration and smoothing of the skin can help to create a beautiful ‘glow’ from within, while a dewy and lightweight coverage allows a naturally clear & luminous complexion to shine through.   Complex of plant-derived superfood peptides with niacinamide Fision® GlowPlex is a first-of-its-kind... Read more »

New Pantrofina® Perfection from Respharma

Pantrofina® Perfection: The perfect 'skinification' active for hair and scalp care Pantrofina® Perfection is a complex of essential micro-nutrients (Vit E, D, A) with a bio-modulating effect that stimulates metabolic activity of fibroblasts and promotes skin elasticity as well as revitalizing the scalp to reduce hair loss. INCI: Faex Extract & Ammonium Glycyrrhizinate & Mannitol... Read more »

Try the New ‘GOLD STANDARD’ in Minimising Pores!

ADENOSILANE, Exsymol's latest innovation launched at InCosmetics, has won the FIRST BSB INNOVATION AWARD 2022 for Protection & Anti-Aging! This brand new active from EXSYMOL is obtained by biotechnology (fermentation). BiofunXional Silicium + Adenosine WATCH THE VIDEO about the effects of Adenosilane on the pore structure (1m 26s) Naturally, as you get older, the elasticity of... Read more »

Resurrect your Skin with Iselight!

NEW Iselight from Chemyunion is an active ingredient for lightening age blemishes that promotes the homeostasis of the cellular detoxification system, autophagy and proteasome activity, capable of eliminating toxins and dysfunctional cellular biological components. Iselight is a plant-based extract composed of Myrothamnus flabellifolia, the traditional African-medicine “resurrection plant”, and upcycled Coffea arabica, an important source of antioxidants.... Read more »

COSMOS Approved Ingredients Guide for FREE Download!

We're making it easier to find COSMOS approved ingredients for your next project by creating a comprehensive guide available now for FREE DOWNLOAD. Click here to download our COSMOS approved ingredients guide, which also includes non-GMO, palm-oil free & vegan-friendly ingredients.

Create Oil-in-Gel Emulsions in a Few Simple Steps with New INSTATHIX®

CREATE OIL-IN-GEL EMULSIONS IN A FEW SIMPLE STEPS WITH NEW INSTATHIX® Derived from 100% sustainable, vegetable based materials, this product enables emulsifying, thickening and stabilising in one. Formulations are quick to design, fast to make and are reliably stable under all conditions. Just use this natural powder blend at the appropriate level for the desired... Read more »

Oil Compatible Ectoin for Water-Free Formulating

OIL COMPATIBLE ECTOIN FOR WATER-FREE FORMULATING ECTOinOIL® is the first oil-compatible Ectoin and is specially developed for the use in water-free formulas. ECTOinOIL® allows brands to develop sustainable, water smart products with great efficacy. 100% natural Sustainably produced GMO-free Vegan As the recognized expert for Ectoin, researchers of bitop aimed to make the highly water-soluble... Read more »

ADENOSILANE: The Real Solution for Tightening Pores from Exsymol

ADENOSILANE: THE REAL SOLUTION FOR TIGHTENING PORES FROM EXSYMOL Naturally, as you get older, the elasticity of the skin decreases, pores enlarge, fine lines and wrinkles appear. Your skin becomes rougher and can look greasy, tired and older than it is. While photo filters were a trend for few years, new challenges such as #nofilter #nomakeup... Read more »