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Oriel Deep Sea Magnesium and Mineral Extract: pure cell nutrition

Oriel is an Irish company established in 2012, specialised in the patented and eco-friendly Hydrasphere™ technology used for the extraction of Oriel Deep Sea Magnesium and Mineral Extract. This active ingredient is extracted and harvested directly from seawater off the coast of Port Oriel, famous for its high salinity and mineral content. Such a sustainable... Read more »

Bionap: the Mediterranean Basin in a nut

Today amita health care UK has a new story to tell, as we introduce our synergic partnership we are developing with BIONAP for the UK market. BIONAP is a fresh and innovative Sicilian company which produces cosmetic active ingredients form standardized botanical extracts. All BIONAP’s botanical sources grow cuddled by the sweet Mediterranean climate of... Read more »

New seas to sail: amitahc embraces the Blue Beauty wave

The world of beauty is no longer just green, it is blue as well. It has created a real movement that seeks greater awareness of the impact that beauty products have on life in the oceans. Green Economy and Blue Economy share the same goal: to take advantage of resources by reassessing all stages of... Read more »

BeauSens® Air: the exclusive evanescent emollient agent

BeauSens® Air is the brand-new emollient ester by ROELMI HPC, an ideal silicone replacement suitable for all cosmetic formulas. With its dry touch, high spreadability and quick absorption, this ingredient can enrich any cosmetic formula, from make-up to sophisticated skin-care products. It has a light & dry touch, with a smooth and velvety after feel,... Read more »

BeauSens® PG4

Mild surfactant for skin support BeauSens® PG4 is a brand new sustainable & mild surfactant by ROELMI HPC. Obtained through low-impact processing of sunflower oil, this delicate non-ionic surfactant has low foaming power and generates small and compact bubbles that deliver a pleasant washing experience. Thanks to its gentle cleansing activity, which helps protect the... Read more »


The Vegan-friendly alternative to beeswax ABWAX® MIMIC BEESWAX from Brasca represents the best plant-based alternative to beeswax. This viscosifying, film-forming and texturising agent has been developed through the use of renewable and sustainable raw materials, with the aim of achieving excellent formulation performance. Especially recommended in the formulation of cosmetic and personal care products, ABWAX®... Read more »

Oriel Deep Sea Magnesium and Mineral Extract: Pure Cell Nutrition

Oriel Deep Sea Magnesium and Mineral Extract Oriel Deep Sea Magnesium and Mineral Extract is Oriel active ingredient harvested from the pristine Deep Sea Water of Ireland’s coast through Hydrasphere™ Technology. Thanks to this patented, organic and sustainable process of extraction, the free ion unbound of Magnesium and Minerals are protected in their natural state... Read more »

Did you miss SCS UK?

SCS Formulate is the UK’s largest event of its kind, exhibiting a wide selection of raw materials, ingredients and formulation services for personal care and cosmetic products. This year’s event took place on 16-17 November 2021 at the Coventry Building Society Arena and definitely was a success: we deeply enjoyed the opportunity to meet face-to-face... Read more »

amiNote Naturals Collection: A precious selection of natural fragrances

The line Our line of fragrances is specially designed to enable Formulators to perfume cosmetic preparations with a 100% natural touch. Essential oils are combined with a vegetable carrier, sustainably made from by-products of the olive oil production, to deliver a wide variety of natural notes.   Natural and sustainable amiNote Naturals are formulated using... Read more »