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Ashland introduces sclareance™

Ashland introduces sclareance™ biofunctional natural sclareolide through biotechnology to visibly limit the appearance of dandruff Company adds natural ingredient powered by AI to the line of biotHAIRapy™ biofunctionals for scalp care while furthering corporate ESG agenda. WILMINGTON, Del., November 10, 2022 – Ashland has launched sclareance™ biofunctional, extracted from the company’s owned clary sage fields... Read more »

Ashland™ BiotHAIRapy™ For Better-Looking Hair

BiotHAIRapy™ biofunctionals are a family of ingredients with dedicated capabilities for hair roots. These nature-based products address hair aging by supporting natural follicle and strand organization in ways that improve the appearance of hair. BiotHAIRapy™ ingredients are ideal for leave-in hair care products for hair density, strength, growth, detox, and natural color protection. Discover more... Read more »

Ashland phyteq™ raspberry multifunctional

Who crushes preservative challenges with the power of raspberry? We do. Ashland phyteq™ raspberry multifunctional is a great fit for cosmetic products. It is made from Raspberry Ketone, a natural compound occurring in different plants, used for decades in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda traditions. It is a preservative booster that acts as a strong antioxidant... Read more »

Ashland reveals natural, nature-derived and biodegradable personal care solutions, and nature-positive STEM education program for village farmers in India during in-cosmetics

Growth through ESG is demonstrated with innovative portfolio launches as Responsible Solvers™ program increases farmer income and quality of life for broader community WILMINGTON, Del., April 5, 2022 – With a renewed strategy that includes an intense commitment to environment, social and governance (ESG) as a growth driver, Ashland Global Holdings Inc. (NYSE: ASH) today... Read more »

Let your eyes speak

Today, the emphasis on eyes in the beauty business is greater than ever due to mask wearing brought on by the pandemic. Healthy, fuller eyelashes and brows complement and flatter the eyes, whether the customer wears makeup or not. Now, more so than ever, our eyes make a first impression. With the aim of helping... Read more »

Ashland launches ‘conscious beauty formulations’

Ashland has recently launched a collection of beauty-conscious formulations for skin and oral care. The company said that the collection “was inspired by the increased global movement to live sustainably and ethically”. All have high natural content, minimal ingredients and were formulated without the use of sulfates, silicones, microplastics or animal-derived ingredients. They include: Phyteq... Read more »

Ashland’s Antaron™ ECo Gel

Create planet-friendly sunscreens with Ashland Inc's Antaron™ ECo. This globally-compliant film former is based on sustainably-sourced, zero-deforestation, wood-derived cellulose and provides high water resistance at low use levels. Offering planet-friendly sun protection formulations for a day at the beach or an active lifestyle Ashland's Antaron™ ECo ethylcellulose is a naturally-derived and sustainably-sourced film former that... Read more »

Ashland launches phyteq™ raspberry multifunctional preservative booster

Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA, October 28, 2020 - Ashland has launched phyteq™ raspberry a multifunctional preservative booster that acts as a preservative potentiator to protect cosmetics from spoilage. The globally approved, biodegradable, multifunctional additive is based on a compound occurring in different plants which has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda... Read more »

New ‘dreamy textures’ skin care collection

Ashland’s nature-derived, novel sensorial formulations boost the at-home pamper trend with the new ‘dreamy textures’ skin care collection BRIDGEWATER, N.J., November 9, 2020 - Continuing to advance the use of natural ingredients in personal care, Ashland has launched dreamy textures, a collection of four formulations, that deliver novel consumer winning textures using nature-derived ingredients. Recent... Read more »