Tag: August ’21

What Matters to Us?

As you can imagine (as will be the case with most of you reading this) a lot matters to us. Definitely too many things to list here.….which can only be a good thing! But, if we have to narrow it down, ultimately, what matters to us, are; people, living things, relationships and the connections that... Read more »

Are You Ready for AYUREDI®?

Do you know what exposome means? The exposome is the compilation of environmental and lifestyle stress factors, including a wide range of factors such as UV light, pollution, nutrition, psychological stress, lack of sleep... Exposome amounts to collagen and elastin fibers degradation and the alteration of the skin barrier function. It is important to feel... Read more »

Introducing Beautrition – Food ingredients making the leap into Personal Care applications

After a volatile and challenging period, the personal care product sector is finally finding its commercial footing once again. Where brands focused on volume and logistics in an attempt to combat panic buying in 2020, the focus is now back on new product development and driving market share.  The personal care category has perhaps been the most unpredictable during the Covid-19 pandemic. While some product segments, such as hygiene, have... Read more »

Unique silver fir extract creates distinctive difference for skin care products

A novel, natural and innovative active for personal care products is now available from Blagden. Called Belinal® C, it is extracted from silver fir trees in European mountain forests and is packed with a concentrate of polyphenols which provide high levels of antioxidant activity. Ecocert approved, this natural ingredient is extracted by Abies Labs in a... Read more »

Ingredient Specific Skincare Saviours for Babies

When a little one arrives, there are so many things to think about and take care of. Not just for baby, but for mum as well. And one of those is of course, skincare. As a new mum, it’s important to care for that soft, precious and delicate baby skin but don’t forget to look... Read more »

Lily Of The Valley From Orange Juice

Symrise has developed Lilybelle, a lily of the valley fragrance ingredient for personal care and other applications. It is based on D-limonene, a by-product of orange juice manufacturing Symrise has developed Lilybelle, a lily of the valley fragrance ingredient for personal care and other applications. It is based on D-limonene, a by-product of orange juice... Read more »

JRS Rheology Solutions- Sensorial Properties of Natural Thickeners

The term rheology is distinctly different to viscosity in that it refers to more than just the “thickness” of a liquid. Rheology encompasses a range a flow characteristics including “texture”. Texture really describes the sensorial properties of a particular thickener and the attributes it provides in the final formulation. It is clear that, when evaluating,... Read more »

Bring the fresh scent of lavender from Provence into your products

A new essential oil is available from our supply partner, Sollice Biotech, bringing the fragrance of lavender picked in Provence straight to your products. The high-quality essential oil is certified organic and made in France. Obtained using the finest distillation techniques, the oil has a captivating aroma, packed with intensity. Fine lavender oil is a... Read more »

GlucoTain® Surfactants Discover A New Sensory Dimension

GlucoTain is an innovative range of sugar-based surfactants offering sensory benefits through individual foam structures – from fluffy to rich – and light to caring conditioning levels. It creates new possibilities for formulators to go the next step in developing innovative products and platforms based on sulfate-free, CAPB-free and betaine-free formulations for a wide range of applications.... Read more »

BASF’s Care Creations® invites customers to exclusive virtual site tours

Virtual tours offer unique insights into laboratories and production facilities for cosmetic active ingredients. Web-based tool enables close exchange and collaboration with customers anywhere, anytime. New offer strengthens BASF’s portfolio of digital customer solutions. Pulnoy, France – May 19, 2021 – BASF’s Care Creations® is introducing a new tool that will allow customers to take part... Read more »