Tag: August ’22

How Jojoba Oil Is Helping Desert Regions

Water security is becoming a key priority for governments and growers across the globe. Even at our Head Offices in the UK, which regularly tops the charts for the rainiest country in Europe, water scarcity is an increasingly important talking point. We regularly get asked about the sustainability profiles of our natural oils and whilst... Read more »

Brenntag acquires Prime Surfactants Limited, a leading UK distribution specialist for the Personal Care market

Brenntag (ISIN DE000A1DAHH0), the global market leader in chemicals and ingredients distribution, today announces the acquisition of Prime Surfactants Limited. The company is a leading distributor of surfactants specialties for the Personal Care and HI&I industries and other industry segments in the UK. Henri Nejade, Member of the Management Board of Brenntag Group and COO... Read more »

Inolex launches hemp-derived conditioning and emulsification ingredient

Inolex has launched ProCondition Sativa (Cannabisamidopropyl Dimethylamine) a sustainable conditioning ingredient derived from hemp. The US firm says the Cannabis sativa seed oil-based ingredient designed for hair, skin, and body care delivers performance as both a conditioning agent and as an emulsifier with multiple functional and performance benefits. “We see the rise of consumer groups aligned with naturality,... Read more »

Croda’s Top Five Vegan Suitable Formulations

Veganism has gone from niche to necessary and it's not just about food - it also applies to our skincare regimes, and with planet-friendly beauty  also on the rise, vegan beauty is a great step to becoming more eco-conscious. Check out our Top Five vegan suitable* range of formulations that will help to provide the very best... Read more »

Sederma & UEBT

Contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and make its supply more ethical and transparent. For the second year in a row Sederma is proud to renew its membership as a member of the UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade). This international organisation promotes an ethical sourcing of natural ingredients. The UEBT establishes good practices to be... Read more »

Lake’s Wellness Month

Since the pandemic, physical and emotional wellbeing has become a higher priority to the British public. Consumer understanding has evolved, leading to people feeling that beauty and skincare are integral to their wellbeing. Personal care products can boost skin health and enhance emotional wellness. This week we are examining this evolution and the link between... Read more »

Local and responsible sourcing

Local and responsible sourcing has always been in the DNA of Crodarom and Alban Muller, long before it became the current trend. Since the creation of our two botanical active ingredient production plants, now united within the Croda Group's Botanical Alliance, we have been committed to building local supply chains, and supporting producers in our... Read more »

Sunscreen and UV filter myth busters – SPF

Read the full blog on Croda's website here! Welcome to the third blog from the sunscreen and UV filter myth busters series. There are so many myths surrounding sunscreens and SPF, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. And while the majority of myths are spread by social media, we are also seeing... Read more »

2M Group of Companies acquires Bregaglio S.r.l. (Italy)

The 2M Group of Companies is delighted to announce the agreement with Zschimmer & Schwarz Group to acquire Bregaglio S.r.l. (Italy). Bregaglio is an established distributor to the personal care industry in Italy. Bregaglio’s strong brand name and technical expertise is a natural fit with the Life Science distribution of the Surfachem Group, a 2M Group Company. Bregaglio represents... Read more »


This skincare/hybrid beauty trend is all about the 'glass skin' look. Hydration and smoothing of the skin can help to create a beautiful ‘glow’ from within, while a dewy and lightweight coverage allows a naturally clear & luminous complexion to shine through.   Complex of plant-derived superfood peptides with niacinamide Fision® GlowPlex is a first-of-its-kind... Read more »