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Don’t be an ideal, just be you!

What is beautiful and who actually determines it? Over the centuries, the ideals of beauty have changed a lot over and over again and even at the same time there are great cultural differences in the definition of beauty. Although beauty is something extremely changeable, we are often given a very narrow ideal of beauty... Read more »

CLR Berlin pushes button on new CSR programme

German cosmetic ingredient supplier CLR Berlin has launched a new CSR (corporate social responsibility) programme named ‘Acting together’. The company said the new programme will bundle its CSR activities, looking “proudly” at what it has achieved, make new commitments and continue on a more sustainable path. “Sustainability and social responsibility are not new topics for... Read more »

The Intimacy of Skin Hygiene

Cleanliness and hygiene are essential for a healthy life. Already in ancient times, people were aware that there was a connection between hygiene and health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Hygiene refers to conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases.” Personal hygiene is simply looking after... Read more »

How to support your skin in stressful times

In uncertain times, many people feel overwhelmed. The level of psychological stress is extremely high and affects us mentally as well as physically. In addition to insomnia, loss of appetite, tension, headache and stomach pain that are common symptoms, our skin suffers, too. Irritation, redness and feelings of tension can be caused by stress and... Read more »

Explaining sensitive skin and how to deal with it

50% of all people perceive their skin to be sensitive. Their skin is hyperreactive and shows a strong reaction to even the smallest stress. Skin gets itchy, or experience burning or stinging sensations on their skin. Common triggers of skin reactions in sensitive skin are make-up, fragrance oils and preservatives in cosmetic products. Sensitive vs.... Read more »

Dolphin Skin – The freshest K-Beauty trend

K-Beauty has been a key driver of trends in skincare and color cosmetics for a while now and it continues to inspire with innovative formats, exciting textures and high-tech ingredients. The latest Korean beauty trend flooding our Instagram and TikTok feeds is “Dolphin Skin”. “Dolphin Skin” is all about smooth skin with an even complexion and a luminous glow... Read more »

In the eye of the beholder

The eyes play a very special role in people’s attractiveness, and not just since wearing masks became commonplace in many parts of the world. They are the mirror of our soul. Unfortunately, stress and lack of sleep can also be seen first in the eyes – dark circles make us look tired and unhealthy. Read... Read more »