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Europe banning Microplastics

Here is the latest information on Europe banning Microplastics – which includes Nylon 12.   Kreglinger (ESP) anticipates that Nylon 12 — a common ingredient in colour cosmetics — will soon be prohibited and will need to be removed from colour cosmetic formulas. As you may have heard, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is actively... Read more »

Give Peas A Chance!

As the sheer number of uses for pea protein comes to light, Sinerga are harnessing the power of peas into cosmetic formulations that act as sustainable alternatives to current market offerings. If you consider yourself a cynic when it comes to natural formulations, simply read ahead for all the reasons to give peas a chance!... Read more »

Eye Care In A Pandemic: Dolcevia & Eyedren

With many people now needing to wear face masks all day long while at work or out and about, it’s no surprise that eyes have become more important than ever as a means of expressing ourselves. So personal care brands are now embracing new and effective eye care formulations that will help soothe tired eyes... Read more »

PeptAIde™ 4.0 – A new naturally derived active ingredient from BASF

PeptAIde™ 4.0 – A new naturally derived active ingredient from BASF that protects skin and hair against silent inflammation Artificial Intelligence was used to discover peptides capable of preventing silent inflammation effects PeptAlde™ 4.0 prevents sensitivity of skin and scalp, dryness or lack of skin firmness Derived from rice proteins, the active ingredient offers a... Read more »

Sustainably Harvested Alginates from the Sea

Effective thickening Lubricious skin feel Range of viscosities Crosslinking activated by Calcium ions     JRS’s range of Alginates come from the extensive Kelp forests off the coast of Brittany (north western France). The sustainable harvesting is strictly controlled with only a small proportion of the available kelp species taken. JRS’s Alginates are produced  at... Read more »

Active Concepts Harnesses Mycelium Technology for Protective Hair Care

Covid-19 has accelerated economic change, including a laser focus on sustainable practices. These progressive times call for sustainable innovations with consumers advocating for ethical and natural alternative technologies. Fungi are at the forefront of an environmental and medicinal movement, making them essential for the future of the planet as well as health and innate immunity…. Read more »

Kerfoot Group highlights reactivation of personal care NPD

Kerfoot Group, a leading supplier of natural, organic and essential oils, waxes and butters for the personal care products sector in the UK, has commented on the upward momentum of the market as new product development begins in earnest after a number of challenging months. The personal care products sector, like many other of its... Read more »

Natural extremolyte fights against hyperpigmentation caused by environment

Natural extremolyte fights against hyperpigmentation caused by environmental stressors by Eva Galik, bitop AG Human skin is situated at the interface of the organism and its environment and is therefore constantly exposed to numerous extrinsic stress factors. Chronic exposure to environmental conditions, including ultraviolet light (UV), blue light and air pollution has been shown to... Read more »

Croda Personal Care Launches New Moonshine™ Ultra Effect Pigments

Global speciality chemical company Croda, is delighted to unveil four effect pigments to its existing Ultra Effect series, as part of the Moonshine™ Effect Pigment product range.   Launched in 2018, Croda’s range of quality borosilicate-based Moonshine Effect Pigments have already proven to provide unique and innovative effects with exceptional vibrancy, intensity and colour transmission... Read more »

INOLEX Continues with Long-Term Growth Strategy

Strong Flagship Manufacturing Operations and a Unified Global Team Reinforce the Company’s Next Phase of Growth PHILADELPHIA, PA, November 19, 2020 — INOLEX announced today that it is listing the company’s 6.2-acre property located at 2101 South Swanson Street in Philadelphia, PA for sale on the commercial real estate market. The site sale marks a... Read more »