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Gattefossé offers Original Extracts™ a line of upcylced plant waters developed in partnership with the food industry.

Since 1990, Gattefossé offers Original Extracts™ a line of upcylced plant waters developed in partnership with the food industry. 🍏🍊🍋🍇🥝 We contribute to avoid unnecessary waste by upcycling the water remaining from the production of concentrated fruit juices (Orange Bio, Lemon Bio, Grape, Grapefruit, Kiwi and Apple). In 2021, it is more than 107 tons... Read more »

Gattefossé co-develops 3D bioprinted skin chips to improve in vitro tests

French companies Gattefossé and CTIBiotech have developed what is claimed to be the world’s first bioimpedance 3D bioprinted skin chips to link cosmetics lab testing to humans. The developed model is said to allow fast and non-invasive measurement of sebum production and improve the predictivity of in vitro tests of sebum-regulating ingredients. Sebum is a complex lipids... Read more »

Towards a new approach of photoprotection

The sun is back, with its benefits but also its harmful effects. It is important to know that UV exposure (UVA and UVB) occurs all year round and leads to photoaging when the skin is left unprotected. Gattefossé has studied the effects of UVA radiation on epidermal stem cells. Towards a new approach of photoprotection... Read more »

Gattefossé launches ‘Escapism’ collection

Gattefossé is launching its new Inspiration 2022 collection. Named Escapism, this is described as “an invitation to dream of new destinations while rethinking the way of traveling”. The kit has five new formulas, all in solid form for travel-friendliness and multi-functionality. They start with Magma Mask. This is a 98% natural origin mask in the... Read more »

Fighting Gravity-Induced Skin Sagging

EleVastin from Gattefosse is a targeted solution to gravity-induced skin sagging. The ingredient strengthens the elasticity of the skin, giving it the support needed to cope with this downward pressure. Renewed elastic potential The efficacy of EleVastin has been demonstrated using various models of increasing complexity. The ingredient boosts key proteins involved in the synthesis and... Read more »

Gattefossé releases new susbtantiation data on the resolution of inflammation

Lyon - October 15, 2020 Every day our skin is subjected to multiple aggressions such as sun or environmental pollution. Along with time assaults, they cause inflammation and skin damages. The resolution of inflammation has been so far underestimated in skin care strategies, although it is the prerequisite condition to effective tissue repair. In collaboration... Read more »