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Givaudan Active Beauty boosts well-ageing with launch of Siliphos®

Introducing the botanical retinol challenger that outperforms bakuchiol Givaudan Active Beauty is strengthening its well-ageing portfolio with the launch of Siliphos®, the best natural alternative to retinoids. Suitable for delicate skin, Siliphos® is extracted by green fractionation from milk thistle fruits and powered by Phytosome® technology. This new active ingredient outperforms the plant-based retinol alternative bakuchiol... Read more »

Givaudan Active Beauty launches New Purple 2364

Givaudan Active Beauty launches New Purple 2364, a vibrant and sustainable vegan pigment for make-up Givaudan Active Beauty unveils the power and performance of New Purple 23641, a vegan pigment for use in make-up formulations. Extracted by green fractionation from Raphanus Sativus L., this new pigment complements our collection of sustainable alternatives to synthetic pigments introduced in... Read more »

Givaudan gets active on stretch marks

Givaudan Active Beauty has launched an active cosmetic ingredient that naturally reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Centella CAST is the natural remodeling partner crafted by green fractionation from one of the most well-known medicinal plants, Centella Asiatica. Givaudan says by acting on the mechanisms responsible for the formation of stretch marks, Centella CAST acts on... Read more »

PlanetCaps™ – biodegradable fragrance encapsulation technology

Givaudan has launched the world’s first biodegradable fragrance encapsulation technology, marking a major new milestone for the fragrance industry. Reflecting our Company purpose of “creating for happier, healthier lives with love for nature,” PlanetCaps™ solves the complex challenge of balancing greenness with performance in fabric softeners. This breakthrough technology also enables manufacturers to stay one... Read more »

Givaudan Active Beauty takes wraps off Patchoul’Up active

Givaudan Active Beauty has launched Patchoul’Up, an active ingredient for hair and scalp care made from responsibly sourced distilled patchouli leaves. The new active is crafted through green fractionation from distilled patchouli leaves after their use as a raw material in fragrance creation. The French company said Patchoul’Up is a 100% upcycled active ingredient able... Read more »

Givaudan Active Beauty launches Neoporyl™, the next-generation pore therapist

Givaudan Active Beauty introduces Neoporyl™, an active ingredient that reduces the size of enlarged pores by targeting the biological root causes of parakeratosis, an alteration of the epidermal structure, and dermis fragility. This new active is crafted by biocatalysis to offer proven efficacy against enlarged pores in just one week. Beauty consumers of every age,... Read more »

New brand identity for Givaudan

Following eight years of expansion from flavours and fragrances into nutrition, health, wellbeing and beauty, Givaudan has announced a new brand identity of ‘Human by nature’. This was done, the company said, to “better reflect the role it plays and the value the company brings to its clients and the world at large”, at a... Read more »

Sustainability – Our approach to shaping a sustainable future

At Givaudan, sustainability means protecting our planet, colleagues, customers and consumers, and safeguarding the future of our business. We know that we can only live up to our Company purpose of ‘creating happier, healthier lives with love for nature’ if sustainability becomes an integral part of our everyday work. Learn More... As our business grows, we must... Read more »

Givaudan launches Z-biome™, the first microbiome-centered fragrance technologies

My Z-biome™ and Z-biome™  Deo are innovative fragrance technologies that are particularly gentle on skin microflora   Givaudan is proud to launch the Z-biome™ Platform, the first microbiome-centred fragrance technologies in the industry. As more and more people believe that wellbeing is connected to the health of the skin, scientists and perfumers have created two innovative technologies,... Read more »

Discover Escin’s anti-cellulite effect for body care

Escin The energising horse chestnut to boost microcirculation Escin is produced from traceable batches of seeds of Aesculus ippocastanum L., the horse chestnut tree. Crafted from green fractionation, the active molecule is a cross-category ingredient that acts on microcirculation and oedema. Activity Boosts microcirculation, Improves skin oxygenation Drains oedema in cellulite, Releases from heavy legs sensation, Reduces... Read more »