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Inolex launches hemp-derived conditioning and emulsification ingredient

Inolex has launched ProCondition Sativa (Cannabisamidopropyl Dimethylamine) a sustainable conditioning ingredient derived from hemp. The US firm says the Cannabis sativa seed oil-based ingredient designed for hair, skin, and body care delivers performance as both a conditioning agent and as an emulsifier with multiple functional and performance benefits. “We see the rise of consumer groups aligned with naturality,... Read more »

INOLEX Continues with Long-Term Growth Strategy

Strong Flagship Manufacturing Operations and a Unified Global Team Reinforce the Company’s Next Phase of Growth PHILADELPHIA, PA, November 19, 2020 — INOLEX announced today that it is listing the company’s 6.2-acre property located at 2101 South Swanson Street in Philadelphia, PA for sale on the commercial real estate market. The site sale marks a... Read more »