Tag: January 21

Active Concepts Debuts Oil Soluble Vegan Hydrolyzed Keratin Alternative

The rising trend of vegan beauty inspires the development of new functional equivalents from a botanical source. Active Concepts meets the ethos of the new-age consumer with AC Vegan Keratin OS, a vegan and sustainable hydrolyzed keratin alternative in an oil soluble form.   Hydrolyzed keratin is a go-to strengthening protein for hair care. While... Read more »

Exfoliation is an Essential Stage in the Beauty Routine

Easy to add in face or body formulas, exfoliants help to remove dead cells accumulated on the skin mechanically This stage helps cell renewal and sebum disposal and the skin texture is refined.   Kreglinger offers Natural Exfoliators; Ground Exfoliators Beans/Nuts/Seeds/Shells/Misc Sugar Wax Beads Minerals & Salts Apricot Bamboo Hazelnut Olive Please contact KREGLINGER LIMITED... Read more »

Kerfoot Affirms Sustainability Efforts With EcoVadis Award

Kerfoot Group has been awarded Silver Medal from EcoVadis for its commitment to supporting and advancing sustainability throughout the business. This award now places Kerfoot Group, a leading supplier of natural, organic and essential oils and ingredients to the personal care and food manufacturing sectors, in the top 5% of assessed companies in the markets... Read more »

Glucosyl Naringin: Discover How Fruits-Based Flavonoids Boost Skin Health

Aging is an ineluctable process affecting all of us, wherever we live or whoever we are. Cells lose their functionality altering progressively the skin quality and function. Visible signs appear, such as wrinkle and skin sagging. We look less healthy, less happy and more tired, finally leading to a diminution of self-esteem and social attractiveness.... Read more »

Explore Zero-to-Less Waste with INNOSPEC

With such a versatile, sustainability-centric portfolio and a team of technical experts, Innospec have some fantastic opportunities to create innovative formulations that inspire our customers.   Innospec’s new zero-to-less waste formulation collection features a range of bars, sticks, powders and super concentrates for hair, face and body applications, all of which have different packaging options... Read more »

Bio-based Oil Has Multiple Benefits for Hair & Scalp Care

Lubrizol Life Science Beauty’s (LLS Beauty) AlgaPūr™ High Stability High Oleic (HSHO) algae oil is a bio-based oil derived from microalgae originally sourced from chestnut tree sap with a high sustainability profile and proven efficacy, delivering multiple benefits for hair and scalp care.   For centuries people have used oils to care for their hair... Read more »

Lubrizol’s Eco-Conscious Beauty Portfolio

Products built on company’s Five Pillars of Sustainability   Eco-Conscious Beauty, from Lubrizol Life Science – Beauty (LLS Beauty), is a portfolio of nature-based formulations that will allow customers to bring to market products that meet the public demand for cleaner and more responsible personal care.   The Eco-Conscious Beauty formulations are created on the... Read more »

The 3 Ways Covid-19 Will Change the Beauty Industry for Good

We’re familiar now with the way Covid-19 has upended consumer relationships with beauty products, with millions of us switching away from lipstick to products for Maskne and Zoom Face. So, the team at in vitro testing lab XCellR8 have reviewed reports from across the industry to identify the mega trends that they think will last... Read more »

Croda Personal Care Launches ‘Three Steps to Happy Hands’ Campaign

Global speciality chemical company Croda, is delighted to launch ‘Croda’s Three Steps to Happy Hands’, a new campaign around the topic of hand hygiene and skin care.   2020 was a tough year for hands and moving into 2021, this is unlikely to change! Frequent hand washing and sanitisation have highlighted just how important hand... Read more »