Tag: July ’21

Moonshine™ Effect Pigments

The Moonshine Effect Pigments range consists of five distinct product series which showcase quality borosilicate-based pigments that offer the opportunity to create striking visual effects in formulation. These borosilicate pigments allow for brilliant colour transmission, impressive colour intensity and dazzling gloss, providing formulations with the unique and innovative effects desired by the Personal Care industry;... Read more »

HyaloCollagreen: a great all-rounder for personal care products

  HyaloCollagreen combines vegan collagen and hyaluronic acid to provide intense hydration to skin and hair bringing restorative and anti-ageing benefits. HyaloCollagreen, available from Blagden, is ideally suited to meet key beauty trends. Already, there is considerable consumer interest in the hydrating impact of hyaluronic acid which binds with water to plump up skin, reducing... Read more »

Making your palette pop with 2021’s Colour of the Year!

For the first time since launching the concept, Pantone has selected an achromatic shade for its Colour of the Year. This is also the second time in two decades that two different colours: Ultimate Grey (a neutral colour) and Illuminating (a bright, cheery yellow) have made the grade.   The Pantone Colour of the Year 2021... Read more »

Upcycled: Already a 4000 Years Old Habit

Over the years, Upcycled materials such as Lanolin, Collagen and Keratin were widely formulated. Sadly for most formulators, the marketing needs of ever charter driven black lists of INCI names brings launches, overlooking these super skin performers. And with no scientific reason or value.   UpCycled : what is bad and what is difficult?  Personally,... Read more »

BASF publishes fifth Palm Progress Report

From 2020, BASF sources all palm (kernel) oils exclusively from RSPO-certified sustainable sources By 2025, the commitment to certified sourcing includes key palm oil and palm kernel oil-based intermediates Portfolio for palm-based surfactants with RSPO certification continues to grow BASF today launched the fifth edition of its Palm Progress Report featuring figures for 2020. One... Read more »

People’s Choice Winners

Congratulations to Richard Blackburn, University of Leeds & Dominika Minarovic, BYBI. Their presentations at the SCS Naturals in Cosmetic Science Conference were voted joint favourites by attendees and will go on to be presented at an @IFSCC webinar soon! Dr Richard Blackburn University of Leeds Sustainable Cosmetics – are green beauty routines fixing the industry for people... Read more »

Food ingredients making the leap into personal care product applications

Introducing Beautrition  - food ingredients making the leap into personal care product applications  After a volatile and challenging period, the personal care product sector is finally finding its commercial footing once again. Where brands focused on volume and logistics in an attempt to combat panic buying in 2020, the focus is now back on new product development and driving market share.  The personal care category has perhaps been the most unpredictable during the... Read more »

Has ‘maskne’ changed the way we view our skincare regimes?

Has ‘maskne’ changed the way we view our skincare regimes? Jennifer Hermitage, Market & Application Chemist at Cornelius Group  Declared as one of 2020’s most widespread skin problems by Japanese beauty magazine The Tokyo Weekender1, ‘maskne’ is a major condition that has either already affected most working professionals or will do in the months to come as non-essential businesses begin to reopen and physical social events get underway. The term, which was... Read more »

Next generation dandruff control by Symrise

Current in vivo data underlines: next generation dandruff control by Symrise as effective as conventional solutions — Crinipan® PMC green significantly reduces dandruff on scalp — Novel plant-based ingredient performs equal to conventional active ingredients like climbazole and piroctone olamine — Eco-friendly solution for use in various dandruff control and other scalp care products In... Read more »