Tag: June ’22

IMCD launches a new Beauty and Personal Care laboratory in Turkey

IMCD, a leading distributor of speciality chemicals and ingredients, opened a new Beauty and Personal Care laboratory in Istanbul, Turkey. Photographed from left to right: Laurent Blasco, Technical Director, IMCD Beauty & Personal Care Aylin Zakuto, Managing Director, IMCD Turkey Piet van der Slikke, IMCD Chief Executive Officer Hakan Polat, Business Unit Manager, IMCD Beauty... Read more »

Vegan DDS Tranexamic

Vegan DDS Tranexamic from INdermal is a Deep Delivery Nanovesicle with 2.5% Tranexamic Acid + 0.5% Niacinamide. Tranexamic Acid acts on keratinocytes that contain melanin, interrupting the inflammatory process that produces blemishing following external aggressions or injuries such as acne. Finally, it also reduces increased vascularisation which always accompanies recurrent hyperpigmentation. Together with the ability of Niacinamide... Read more »

Putting the Trust Back into Science

Our increasingly connected world of instant communication and mass social media use has given us access to an unprecedented wealth of information on the internet. Naturally, navigating this online environment has had a major influence on decision making, in particular our purchasing decisions and power as consumers within the personal care industry. Yet, without strong... Read more »

During this year’s Beauty Days BASF launches Plantapon® Soy, a bio-based surfactant made from soy protein for mild rinse-off applications

Protein derivative from non-GMO soybean made from renewable resources and coconut oil COSMOS-approved, vegan and readily biodegradable Recommended for natural and very mild skin and hair cleansing products Düsseldorf, Germany – March 31st, 2021– Consumer demand for natural cosmetics is growing rapidly, being one of the personal care industry’s most important drivers. To support customers... Read more »

The Best Body Butters from the Brazilian Rainforest

The Best Body Butters from the Brazilian Rainforest In this post we’re helping you to dive into the depths of the rainforest and explore the best body butters from the Brazilian rainforest. The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most important eco-systems in the world and its rich flora and fauna have provided medicine and... Read more »

Introducing the IKA TWISTER

Welcome TWISTER! We are very happy to launch our brand new mixing device with magnetic drive. With just one basic device, TWISTER creates a multitude of possibilities in the laboratory, because it is a magnetic stirrer today and a shaker tomorrow. You can choose from sets of 1 to 4 units, which can be expanded... Read more »

New Pantrofina® Perfection from Respharma

Pantrofina® Perfection: The perfect 'skinification' active for hair and scalp care Pantrofina® Perfection is a complex of essential micro-nutrients (Vit E, D, A) with a bio-modulating effect that stimulates metabolic activity of fibroblasts and promotes skin elasticity as well as revitalizing the scalp to reduce hair loss. INCI: Faex Extract & Ammonium Glycyrrhizinate & Mannitol... Read more »

Try the New ‘GOLD STANDARD’ in Minimising Pores!

ADENOSILANE, Exsymol's latest innovation launched at InCosmetics, has won the FIRST BSB INNOVATION AWARD 2022 for Protection & Anti-Aging! This brand new active from EXSYMOL is obtained by biotechnology (fermentation). BiofunXional Silicium + Adenosine WATCH THE VIDEO about the effects of Adenosilane on the pore structure (1m 26s) Naturally, as you get older, the elasticity of... Read more »

Resurrect your Skin with Iselight!

NEW Iselight from Chemyunion is an active ingredient for lightening age blemishes that promotes the homeostasis of the cellular detoxification system, autophagy and proteasome activity, capable of eliminating toxins and dysfunctional cellular biological components. Iselight is a plant-based extract composed of Myrothamnus flabellifolia, the traditional African-medicine “resurrection plant”, and upcycled Coffea arabica, an important source of antioxidants.... Read more »

COSMOS Approved Ingredients Guide for FREE Download!

We're making it easier to find COSMOS approved ingredients for your next project by creating a comprehensive guide available now for FREE DOWNLOAD. Click here to download our COSMOS approved ingredients guide, which also includes non-GMO, palm-oil free & vegan-friendly ingredients.