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Alternatives to glitter – the solution for sparkle without the plastic

The hunt to find biodegradable and sustainable glitter in the cosmetics market continues and so in this technical article, we are bringing our previous articles together to review the need and options for alternative glitters. In this technical article Traditional Glitter How is glitter made? Bioglitter PLA glitter Cellulose polymer glitters GEOTECH Geonature® C Geoflake® Geodiamond®   Traditional Glitter... Read more »

OceanDerMX® Portfolio of Luxury Natural Cosmetic Bioactives

Devoted to both modern skincare science and time-proven traditional knowledge, Organic Bioactives is pioneering the next generation of natural cosmetic and nutraceutical bioactives. Launched in 2020, the OceanDerMX® portfolio comprises four products centered around New Zealand Red Seaweed and Native Mamaku or Black Fern (Cyathea medullaris).  The range offers a synchronised abundance of bioactives -... Read more »

InnovaBioTech Haberlea by Innova BM Ltd

We bring to your attention InnovaBioTech Haberlea by Innova BM Ltd - a natural, potent active ingredient from in vitro culture of Haberlea rhodopensis. An outstanding active from an outstanding plant. Haberlea, also known as the Orpheus flower, is a true gift of nature. It is a resurrection plant, which means that it can come... Read more »