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How Jojoba Oil Is Helping Desert Regions

Water security is becoming a key priority for governments and growers across the globe. Even at our Head Offices in the UK, which regularly tops the charts for the rainiest country in Europe, water scarcity is an increasingly important talking point. We regularly get asked about the sustainability profiles of our natural oils and whilst... Read more »

The Best Body Butters from the Brazilian Rainforest

The Best Body Butters from the Brazilian Rainforest In this post we’re helping you to dive into the depths of the rainforest and explore the best body butters from the Brazilian rainforest. The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most important eco-systems in the world and its rich flora and fauna have provided medicine and... Read more »

Sourcing Stories: Explore the Origins of Cold Pressed Cranberry Oil

In this Sourcing Stories edit we’re exploring the origins of Cold Pressed Cranberry Oil. We uncover how cranberries are grown, harvested and processed to create this nutrient-packed, skin loving oil. What is the product? Our cold pressed Cranberry Oil is stunningly fresh and has a light, fruity aroma. Packed with anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids, this oil... Read more »

Wellbeing & Wellness: Why Beauty Brands Should Step into Spring

Wellbeing, wellness. Health, happiness. All words that can give us a lift. And after a turbulent time over the past months, a little boost is what many of us need. But optimism is now in the air. Those days are getting lighter, longer and warmer — we’re finally able to look forward with a bit more positivity... Read more »

The Best Oils for Textured Hair

Join us as we explore the best oils for textured hair. Textured hair that is full of curls and coils often needs extra moisture. Using hair oils can help hydrate, strengthen and enhance your texture without weighting it down. Because of its curl pattern, textured hair has more difficulty moving oils from your scalp, known... Read more »

Oil & Us: Introducing our NEW brand video

In this latest blog, we’re delighted to share a new brand video, which we hope will provide an inspiring insight into our business. Welcome to the wonderful world of the Kerfoot family as the three siblings, Jennifer, Eleanor and Thomas share the heritage of their business and the secrets of their success. Established in 2018,... Read more »

Ingredient Specific Skincare Saviours for Babies

When a little one arrives, there are so many things to think about and take care of. Not just for baby, but for mum as well. And one of those is of course, skincare. As a new mum, it’s important to care for that soft, precious and delicate baby skin but don’t forget to look... Read more »

Natural Skincare Under the Microscope

In our last blog, we took a deep dive into organic beauty – what it really means and why it has become so popular. And (forgive us), but we may have had a little boast about the fact that we are proud to be COSMOS organically certified by The British Soil Association. So yes, we’ve... Read more »

Organic Beauty is Coming to Bloom

Did you know that at O&3 we offer over 200 organically certified products? Yes, really! With our focus of this month on Organic Beauty, we're showcasing some of our many organic ingredients in a variety of ways, to give you the inspiration you need to consider creating your very own Organic Beauty products. "But, what... Read more »

O&3 Europe is Alive!

We opened our doors to O&3 Europe on the 1st January 2021 – a huge milestone for the Crew who have been planning the opening for over a year. We understand the industry requirements for short lead times, zero hassle at border controls and access to a wide variety of raw materials, whatever your location. ... Read more »