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Sun Chemical – New Product Launches!

We are excited to share Sun Chemical’s new SunPURO® Naturals, a range of responsibly sourced plant-derived colourants and ingredients for personal care formulations. Please find the new launches below. Natural colours based on Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is rich in vitamins: A, C, E, and K. On the skin, it is known to help with radiance, rejuvenation and a youthful glow.... Read more »

CODIF Technologie Naturelle: Idaskin – NEW Active Ingredient

We are excited to highlight CODIF Technologie Naturelle’s NEW active ingredient, Idaskin. Idaskin is an active ingredient obtained from the microalga Emiliania Huxleyi, a force of nature. Idaskin boosts the skin’s resilience and improves the cell vitality for an infallible complexion. The microalga, Emiliania Huxleyi, is present everywhere on the planet and has the ability to protect itself from... Read more »

Micro Powders, Inc. – Clean, Green Natural Exfoliants!

We are excited to highlight Micro Powders’ wide range of naturally derived and Synthetic Wax exfoliants. Micro Powders source safe, ethical and sustainable materials that offer optimal skin cleansing and enhanced product performance. Available in various colours, shapes, and sizes, they are the perfect addition for all scrub formulations. Natural and Naturally-Derived Particles: Naturescrub®: Irregular... Read more »

Introducing: WorléeSoft Beads

We are excited to share with you WorléeSoft beads. WorléeSoft Beads are cosmetic particles available in a range of different sizes and colours that contain active substances. They are predominantly composed of over 95% natural renewable resources and are the perfect addition for any leave-on or rinse-off product such as shower gels, shower exfoliants, cleansing... Read more »

ProTec Formulation Showcase: Hair Care

Shampoo for Dry Hair  A shampoo for dry hair with AMYLOMER™ HA CAT 75. This formulation was tested against a control formulation and shows a reduction in comb force on both wet and dry hair. Other focus ingredients include Floramac® 10 and CAPIGUARD PA. >> View Formulation Shampoo for Asian Hair Well suited for Asian... Read more »

Distributor Appointed for UK Market

ProTec Ingredia has announced that from Tuesday 1 June 2021, it will become the Oleon Health & Beauty distributor for the UK. Starting from natural, renewable raw materials such as rapeseed, palm, coconut and sunflower oil, Oleon Health & Beauty manufactures a broad range of fatty acid esters. These products are natural chemicals with varying... Read more »

Lipoid Kosmetik – Congratulations!

We are excited to announce that our partner Lipoid Kosmetik has won 3 prizes in different 2021 BSB Innovation Award categories. 1st Place: Yogurtolin®, Category: Actives Microbiome/Skin Barrier 2nd Place: Water Lily Pro, Category: Natural Raw Materials 3rd Place: SLM® Eco, Category: Functionals And the awards don’t stop there! Thanks to Lipoid Kosmetik’s advanced and... Read more »

Micro Powders, Inc. – Exfoliants

Synscrub is a worldwide approved, economical and eco-friendly exfoliant derived from biodegradable synthetic wax, offered in both irregular and spherical shapes for different scrub performance. It is Micro Powers’ best synthetic alternative to polyethylene plastic microbeads. The irregular products go as followed: PROPERTIES SYNSCRUB 1435PC SYNSCRUB 20PC SYNSCRUB 35PC SYNSCRUB 50PC SYNSCRUB 80PC SYNSCRUB 100PC INCI Name... Read more »

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary

Exceeding expectations since 2011. ProTec Ingredia, a market leader in supplying active and speciality ingredients to the personal care market, is thrilled to announce that they celebrate their tenth anniversary this year. Over the past decade, ProTec Ingredia has worked with numerous strategic partners worldwide to bring high-quality personal care ingredients to market. Alongside this,... Read more »

New Distribution Agreement: Gräfe Chemie

ProTec Ingredia, a market leader in supplying active and speciality ingredients to the UK personal care market, has great pleasure in announcing that, from Monday 1st March 2021, it will become the Gräfe Chemie distributor for the UK and Ireland. Gräfe Chemie has been researching natural strengths for over twenty years. From these sustainable sources,... Read more »