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A multisensory firework for youthful skin!

RAHN's brand-new MYRAMAZE®-ESSENCE is a sensocosmetic active ingredient. By activating the sensory receptors of the skin and nose, it relaxes skin and mind and reinstates the skin's natural glow. Stressed and dehydrated skin can look sallow and dull. If you are also in a depressed mood, this has an additional negative effect on the appearance... Read more »

Simply honest with… Dr. Emina Besic Gyenge

The word "Aion" in REFORCYL®-AION is derived from Greek mythology. Aion was the god who spun the wheel of time and was able to rejuvenate himself. Is REFORCYL®-AION able to turn back the wheel of time... in humans? Emina: (laughs) Well, sort of… in Greek, the word aion (αἰών) also means “a very long, unlimited time”.... Read more »

Are You Ready for AYUREDI®?

Do you know what exposome means? The exposome is the compilation of environmental and lifestyle stress factors, including a wide range of factors such as UV light, pollution, nutrition, psychological stress, lack of sleep... Exposome amounts to collagen and elastin fibers degradation and the alteration of the skin barrier function. It is important to feel... Read more »