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Sensory Testing bridges the gap between consumer marketing and product R&D.

Sensory Testing also informs cost management, recipe and process change decisions as well as supporting Quality Management, including policing taints and off-flavours. The Sensory Fingerprint of a product drives consumer engagement, determines overall consumer appeal and defines brand identity. Knowing the sensory fingerprint of your brand is therefore critical to understanding your consumers’ experience. Here... Read more »

Understanding the Non Conscious Mind

Sensory Dimensions’ Associate Director, Lauren Henry, chats with Truthsayers®️ Andy Dean in the podcast ‘Understanding the Non Conscious Mind’. People’s connection to products and brands is driven by the emotional connection they make. These System 1, intuitive or gut responses, drive many of our purchase behaviours, decisions, and choices. By measuring these responses, we can... Read more »

The Value of Sensory in the Beauty Game

Research amongst our Sensory Dimensions Community revealed that looking after one’s appearance was a morale booster during Lockdown with skincare and indulgence becoming the focus of those precious moments. The texture and fragrance of creams and lotions is without doubt a major contributor to their luxuriance and a driver of consumer choice. It makes sense... Read more »