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Vytrus launches architecture-inspired hair care active

Vytrus Biotech has launched Elaya Renova, an architecture-inspired, plant-based active for hair and scalp care. The 100% plant-based active is derived from stem cells of wild olive tree, an ancestral Mediterranean species. The Spanish company’s latest innovation is inspired by the architectural concept of ‘Tensegrity’ - coined from the contraction of ‘tensional’ and ‘integrity’ –... Read more »

Innovation 2021: stimulating vitamin D from Cosmetics

Last April 20, Òscar Expósito (CEO, CSO and co-founder), exclusively presented in two webinar sessions our latest launch: NECTARIA LITHOPS, the cell Nectar for a D-Skin. But what does the D-SKIN concept brings to the beauty field? The sun light is necessary for our skin to be healthy and produce the so-called Vitamin D: the sun vitamin. Vitamin D... Read more »

Vytrus Challenges Skin Care

Vytrus Challenges Skin Care With The New Cell Nectar For A D-Skin Nectaria Lithops, a new plant stem cell active ingredient that ignites the production of Vitamin D topically, will be presented by Vytrus Biotech as a 2021 launch on 20 April. Its mechanism of action is due to strengthen, revitalize, volumise, and glow the... Read more »

Vytrus Biotech launch DEOBIOME NONI PRCF – The Biological Deodorant

DEOBIOME NONI from Vytrus Biotech is an innovative prebiotic deodorant treatment, a cosmetic ingredient that reduces the generation of body odour while allowing the skin to breathe and respecting the skin microbiota. Developed using ‘Plasma rich in cell factors’ technology, deobiome noni is made from plant stem cells from Morinda citifrolia. Morinda citifrolia, known as... Read more »