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XCellR8 Wins £100K Funding in 2020 CRACK IT Challenges Competition

Prize will help laboratory adapt existing OECD Test Guidelines to animal-product-free conditions UK based animal-free testing lab XCellR8 has been awarded £100K of funding to carry out a six-month proof-of-concept study to develop in vitro tests free from animal-derived reagents. The prize, sponsored by Unilever and AstraZeneca and co-funded by Unilever, is part of the... Read more »

The 3 Ways Covid-19 Will Change the Beauty Industry for Good

We’re familiar now with the way Covid-19 has upended consumer relationships with beauty products, with millions of us switching away from lipstick to products for Maskne and Zoom Face. So, the team at in vitro testing lab XCellR8 have reviewed reports from across the industry to identify the mega trends that they think will last... Read more »