The Age of Ingredients

Thanks to the innumerous possibilities offered by the Internet and Social Media, modern consumers are better informed than ever when it comes to cosmetic products. They are greatly interested in the individual ingredients, nowadays, too. In a survey carried out by Mintel among Internet users in the USA, 53% said that they are knowledgeable about skincare ingredients. 41% stated that they read product reviews and 38% that they check the information on the packaging before buying a new product. However, the large amount of information available also leads to uncertainty and does not make the purchase decision any easier. In any case, more information leads to more demanding consumers who are, added to that, increasingly critical about marketing claims.

In essence, consumers are concerned about three aspects of the cosmetic products they buy: the safety of the product and its ingredients, their effectiveness and their origin. In addition, consumers are placing more focus on the value of a product, i.e. on product performance.

The public discussion about the possible harmful effects of individual ingredients has resulted in consumers knowing what they do not want in their cosmetic products much more often than what they really expect from a product. The narrative is slowly changing here. Individual active ingredients are increasingly coming to the fore, which are no longer just “sexy” or “exotic” and therefore good for a story, but are also scientifically proven to be effective. Brands are already recognizing the potential and promoting the effectiveness of individual active ingredients. And they are well advised to do so. In the aforementioned survey, 68% stated that they would be willing to pay more for skin care products if these can be proven to be effective. Clinical data therefore gives claims credibility.

To provide consumers with convincing data, brands have to smartly select the right active ingredients. From this point of view, it is more than helpful to include a so-called “workhorse” active ingredient into a formulation. These active ingredients might not be ‘exotic’ or ‘sexy’ but they make the product effective and are essential in obtaining consumer satisfaction. We at CLR put a large focus on developing active ingredients fitting this profile – active ingredients, that are natural, safe and highly effective.