The Best Oils for Textured Hair

Join us as we explore the best oils for textured hair.

Textured hair that is full of curls and coils often needs extra moisture. Using hair oils can help hydrate, strengthen and enhance your texture without weighting it down. Because of its curl pattern, textured hair has more difficulty moving oils from your scalp, known as sebum, down to the tips. Adding oil to your haircare routine can help aid hydration and keep your curls bouncing!

Your curl type and natural hair porosity can determine the best oils to use and how to apply them. Many people have more than one type of curl pattern and different levels of porosity that can affect which oils are best. The water test can show you how porous your hair is.

Best Oils for Coiled, Kinked or Afro hair

Coiled, Kinked or Afro hair is when the natural curl pattern is either tightly coiled like a spring or with a short angle-like helix. Tight coils or kinks can often become dry, leading to frizz and brittleness. Additionally, there is an argument to say that the cuticle cells in curly hair types are not laid flat and tightly packed, meaning that curlier hair is more porous and less able to retain moisture.

Sheanut Butter

Raw, unrefined Sheanut butter is easily absorbed and packed with vitamins and essential fatty acids.  It acts as a sealant to keep moisture in the hair and increases softness. Additionally, Sheanut butter also has soothing, anti-inflammatory qualities and can be used to treat redness and scalp irritation without clogging pores.

Coconut Oil

Used coconut oil in small amounts, by warming it up to a liquid on your hands, can provide lots of hydration. Coconut oil on the tips of our hair can provide great moisturizing as it penetrates into the hair shaft. It’s hydrating qualities also mean that it can help heal a dry scalp. For coiled and kinked hair, steaming beforehand means that you get maximum hydration from coconut oil. Coconut oil is comedogenic which means it can clog pores so washing out after applying to the scalp can help prevent build up.

Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil is one of the few oils that penetrate into the hair shaft, giving it strength and preventing breakage. It brilliant for using pre-shampoo, as a repairing hair mask, as a wash out conditioner or a leave in conditioner for tips.  Avocado oil is widely used as a shampoo additive, a sealant and deep moisturizing treatment.

For type 4a-c and 3b-c hair, other oils and butters are widely used as ingredients in holding serums, rinse out conditioners, leave it conditioners, overnight repair oils and butter masks. These include:
Moringa OilBaobab OilManketti Seed OilSunflower OilOlive OilTamanu OilCocoa ButterCastor Oil

Best Oils for curly and wavy hair

Hair with a looser curl pattern that falls is ‘S’ waves rather than coils is low porosity and low density, making it thinner and finer. Type 2a-c hair and 3a hair is prone to frizziness and can often appear dull and lifeless. For loose curls and wavy hair choose oils that are lighter and avoid applying to the roots unless you’re fully washing it out.

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is used widely in hair products like oil blends, shampoos, conditioners and styling products. It adds shine, helps stop frizz and is lightweight while being highly absorbent. It’s high vitamin E and linoleic acid content helps hair vitality and health. Grapessed is a great carrier oil for hair products and has a muted odor and colour. The bonus of grapeseed is that it is an upcycled product from the waste of the wine industry so zero to landfill too!

Argan Oil

Argan oil is added to haircare products but also stands independently for treating brittle, breakage-prone and frizzy hair. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and inti-oxidants which help make hair softer and more manageable. For fine hair Argan oil should be used sparingly on the tips but it can also be used as a wash out hydrating hair mask or a leave in anti-frizz styling product.

Marula Oil

Marula Oil can be rubbed into the ends of prevent split ends and dryness. It can be massaged into the scalp to reduce irritation and promote hair growth. Marula oil is a super lightweight oil which absorbs quickly which stops hair looking greasy and being weighed down.

For type 2a-c and 3a-c hair other oils and butters are widely used in finishing serums, pre-shampoo treatments and conditioners. These include:

Sweet Almond OilJojobaRice Bran OilRosehip OilSafflower

You can filter all of our products by ‘Use’ on our product catalogue but if you want to find out about particular products and how they can be used in haircare formulations, our team are always here to help!