The eyes have it

With face masks mandatory in many public places, the eye area is a key focus for cosmetics and skin care.

In a recent webinar on how COVID-19 is changing Personal Care market perspectives, our supply partner Nanovetores explored how to successfully respond to the new focus on the eye area brought about by the wearing of masks in public.

They described the ‘Mascara effect’ – increased sales of a small luxury that people hang on to when budgets are squeezed. In previous economic crises, this phenomenon was known as the ‘Lipstick effect’, highlighting a changed emphasis in what is fast becoming the new normal.

Take care with eye care

It’s not just mascara and eyeliner that are coming to the fore, the entire eye area is in the spotlight. Because skin in the immediate area of the eyes is thinner and more sensitive than other areas of the face, Nanovetores recommend avoiding fragrances and oil-based formulations to avoid blocking pores.

Top picks for formulators

The actives selected here have the multifunctionality to promote hydration, fundamental for the good appearance of the skin and particularly important for the eye region which has few sebaceous glands.

  • Nano Uplift: A blend of Hyaluronic Acid and Senegal Acacia extract encapsulated in biopolymer particles to increase hydration and fill wrinkles while increasing skin firmness and elasticity. It can be used in masks, functional make up removers, creams, gels and serums.
  • NV Eternity: Made from Frankincense and Palmarosa’s Essential Oils, NV Eternity is an anti-ageing ingredient promoting cell renewal and reducing melasma. It can be used in creams, gels and emulsions.
  • Nano Eyelashes: A natural encapsulated ingredient containing jojoba, Nano Eyelashes promotes strengthening and growth of eyebrows and eyelashes. A natural moisturiser, it acts by cleaning and oxygenating the hair bulb. It has applications in functional cosmetics or as a booster gel or serum.
Why encapsulate actives?

Encapsulation technology is ideal for formulations for the eye area. Once inside the capsules, the ingredients are protected against interactions with the formula and air, which allows them to be released only at the action target. This also allows the dose to be lower, reducing the potential for allergic reactions. Using encapsulated active ingredients ensures safer and more efficient formulations.

Blagden supplies personal care products and actives from Nanovetores under the IN Beauty brand. For more information and to discuss these products in more detail, please call Dr Russell Cox at Blagden on 01959 560828, mobile 07899 951252 or email.