Three Oils for Post-Workout Bliss

Looking after our health, wellbeing, mind and body has never been more important than in the past 18 months.

With the summer Olympics on the horizon in July, those inspirational athletes will motivate us to exercise more than ever before.

Because let’s face it, finding time to do sport and exercise is hugely beneficial to our health, vitality and wellbeing.

In this blog we’re talking about the benefit of sport and how to look after your body once the hard work is over.

So just how do these Olympic stars soothe those post-workout aches and pains? You know, the ones that stop you reaching for your trainers again?

We’ve got three soothing oils guaranteed to bring on the chillax factor so you’ll be raring to get going again.

But first, if you’ve let your exercise regime slide in favour of Netflix, or if you want to ramp up an existing routine even more, let’s remind ourselves why exercise is so important.


The benefit of sport and exercise


Not only is sport great for our physical health, keeping many health conditions at bay, it’s also good for our mental health.

Our stress levels have really been put to the test recently, but regular sport and exercise is a brilliant way to ease those tensions and get yourself match-fit for whatever comes next.

Remember, exercise releases endorphins that put us in a good mood, so it really is a fast-track to happiness


Your post-workout plan


Just as it’s important to warm up for a workout, every Olympic champ knows our muscles need some TLC when the hard work is over.

Try these top three tips for post-workout bliss.

  1. Stretch it out – you may have a million and one things to rush off to when you finish exercising but it’s really important to stretch it out before you do.
  2. Eat it out – Eating well and getting the right nutrients is really important after exercise. Find out what should be tempting your taste buds after your chosen form of exercise.
  3. Sleep it out – Did you know that it’s NOT during exercise when our muscles get stronger? It’s when we sleep! Our body magically repairs all the hard work we’ve put in at training, so getting in your zzz’s is a great way to max out that exercise regime.


Post-workout oils


“If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail” said a seven-time gold medallist and we’re only interested in winning with these fabulous three oils.

Guaranteed to soothe your body, leaving you feeling fighting fit for the next workout; we give them all a gold medal!


Wintergreen Essential Oil

The Wintergreen Essential Oil may help to relieve pain, inflammation and spasms, making it the perfect post-workout remedy for muscle pain. It can also be used as a soothing body rub to bring life back to tired and aching muscles.

Grown and distilled in Nepal, the mint used in our oil gives an aromatic surprise to the senses with its gorgeous menthol kick.


Black Pepper Oil

Sometimes you can’t beat that pungent hit of black pepper! Not just a seasoning for great tasting food, black pepper is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

When muscles are aching and tired after exercise, bring a warming sensation with Indian Black Pepper. Massaging this oil into muscles will stimulate the circulatory system and help to revive and rejuvenate you after your workout.


Peppermint Oil (Mentha Piperita)

 Whether it’s a relaxing cup of peppermint tea or used as zingy addition to a smoothie, mint is well known for its beneficial properties. Rich in nutrients and soothing for the digestion, mint is simply….marvellous.

All our mints are sourced and distilled in India, which produces more than 80% of the world’s mint supply.

If you’ve warmed up with Black Pepper Oil, experience the opposite sensation with cooling Peppermint, which will relax your muscles with its strong menthol content.

The fragrant minty aroma will stimulate your senses to help you feel cleansed and refreshed. But don’t get too relaxed, the next workout is just around the corner…


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