Unique natural plant extract treated pearlescent pigments

Unique natural plant extract treated pearlescent pigments – new additions to the Econa family from CQV.

OQEMA Ltd are pleased to introduce the new additions to the ECONA Range of Pearlescent Pigments from CQV

Econa Range – Unique natural plant extract treated pearlescent pigments.

All with antioxidant effects.

All COSMOS approved.

Econa Dark Night:

– Charcoal powder
– Matt black colour
– Good hiding power in wet/aqueous formulations


Econa Sappan Red:

– Caesalpinia sappan bark extract

– Carmine-free
– Three red shades available


Econa Indigo Blue:

– Indigo Tinctoria Leaf Extract

– No ferric ferrocyanide


Econa Mango Yellow:

– Cartharmus Tinctorius (Safflower) Flower extract

For more information on the full CQV or OQEMA ranges, please contact your usual OQEMA representative, or email us at HPC@OQEMA.CO.UK

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