Unique silver fir extract creates distinctive difference for skin care products

A novel, natural and innovative active for personal care products is now available from Blagden. Called Belinal® C, it is extracted from silver fir trees in European mountain forests and is packed with a concentrate of polyphenols which provide high levels of antioxidant activity.

Ecocert approved, this natural ingredient is extracted by Abies Labs in a sustainable process which uses only pure water and silver fir branches. The branches are collected by hand from trees felled as part of the forest management. Traceability is guaranteed for every batch.

Recent studies of branch tissues have shown that high concentrations of diverse polyphenolic compounds are present in specific parts of silver fir branches. What makes Belinal® C special is that, until now, extraction was not possible from this part of the tree. The resulting ingredient contains a unique composition of various polyphenols responsible for anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing activity.

The innovative nature of the ingredient offers a point of difference for cosmetic topical formulations and a wide range of benefits. Belinal® C can improve skin, build up collagen and elastin, increase hydration, and acts as an anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory extract. It brings with it the aroma of essential oils of conifers, often associated with Christmas. In many cultures, the silver fir is considered a symbol of life.

Belinal® C is a water-soluble brownish powder with high bioavailability and absorption. The recommended dose is 0.5-1.5%.

For further information, please contact Michelle Williamson, Personal Care Business Development Manager on 01959 560828 (email).


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