Vytrus Biotech launch DEOBIOME NONI PRCF – The Biological Deodorant

DEOBIOME NONI from Vytrus Biotech is an innovative prebiotic deodorant treatment, a cosmetic ingredient that reduces the generation of body odour while allowing the skin to breathe and respecting the skin microbiota. Developed using ‘Plasma rich in cell factors’ technology, deobiome noni is made from plant stem cells from Morinda citifrolia. Morinda citifrolia, known as the Noni plant, is an extremophile from Southeast Asia/Australia, traditionally used to treat more than 40 types of ailments worldwide.


  • Underarm deodorants (roll-on, sticks, creams, gels)
  • Feet formulation deodorant treatments
  • Sensitive scalp treatments serums
  • Body care: deodorizing body lotions, body odour modulation

Mechanism of action

  • Protection & balance of microbiome
  • Metabolism shift from lipids to polysaccharides
  • Quorum Sensing inhibitors
  • Skin health & detoxification
  • Odour fingerprint modulation

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