Vytrus launches architecture-inspired hair care active

Vytrus Biotech has launched Elaya Renova, an architecture-inspired, plant-based active for hair and scalp care.

The 100% plant-based active is derived from stem cells of wild olive tree, an ancestral Mediterranean species.

The Spanish company’s latest innovation is inspired by the architectural concept of ‘Tensegrity’ – coined from the contraction of ‘tensional’ and ‘integrity’ – i.e. how changes applied to an area will also exert effects at a distance because everything is interconnected.

“Hair shaft and the scalp are intimately interconnected as a continuum and each part is interdependent from the others,” a spokesman said.

“This new hair care active introduces a new way for the protection and restructuring of both hair and scalp at the same time; a new path that doesn’t require different products for each application (hair and scalp, protection and revitalizing), offering the possibility of a multi-activity ingredient to approach all the needs of hair care in one raw material,” he added.

Vytrus is presenting its Tensegrity concept and innovation in hair care at in-cosmetics Global in Paris, at stand C78.

In a related development, Vytrus has launched a new brand identity based on four pillars.

•             Plants that tell us undiscovered tales about how nature works, as source of inspiration.

•             Innovation that is core in its efforts to create new concepts for personal care.

•             Science that enhances its research based on biotechnology.

•             Passion of a team to make dreams come true by caring each other and crossing frontiers.

The company will “show its authentic self and its commitment to creatively engage with its team, clients, partners, shareholders, suppliers, and collaborators worldwide,” the spokesman