Wellbeing & Wellness: Why Beauty Brands Should Step into Spring

Wellbeing, wellness. Health, happiness.

All words that can give us a lift. And after a turbulent time over the past months, a little boost is what many of us need.

But optimism is now in the air. Those days are getting lighter, longer and warmer — we’re finally able to look forward with a bit more positivity to the rest of the year.

So as we start to get a bit giddy about those much-anticipated spring and summer meetups with family and friends, stress, anxiety and worry are out. Health, happiness and wellness are veritably IN.

Welcome to part one of three of our Wellbeing & Wellness Edit — it’s all about happiness!


Wellness — much more than just a buzzword 


According to the WHO, health is ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being’. Wellness, therefore, is defined as daily habits that feed into this body, mind and social fulfilment. Wellness is not just about surviving, it’s about thriving.

It speaks directly to the heart of what makes us happy as humans — positive social interactions, reduced stress and, in a nutshell, living our best lives. What’s more, it couldn’t be more topical at the moment.

Recent research by Ipsos MORI shows that consumers are tuning into their own health more than ever, making self-care a top priority.

In the wake of the global pandemic, adults in the UK, Italy, Germany and Spain are all ‘more likely to consider their health in day-to-day decision making’. This is a trend particularly apparent amongst those aged 17–24, with 70% placing more emphasis on self-care.

After such a difficult few years, customers, more than ever, are wanting to focus on their health and happiness.

But how can beauty product formulators tap into this overarching sense of optimism and desire to self-pamper?


The power of nature — and natural ingredients — to make us feel good


Our cosmetics regimes are intimately connected to self-care.

So, why not imbue your range with wellness? By harnessing the magical power of natural oils extracted from Mother Nature’s plants, we can create innovative, wellbeing-focused products.

We’ll discuss these ingredients in more detail in parts two and three of our Wellbeing & Wellness Edit, but just for a teaser…


Bergamot, Essential Oil — For those of us feeling a bit drained (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), citrus essential oils are known to refresh, stimulate and energise the senses. The extract of Bergamot — an upmarket Sicilian orange, if you like — is renowned for precisely that.

Rosemary (Camphor), Essential Oil — Wellness is about all aspects of our mental wellbeing — so why not imbue your formulation with the power of an ingredient that’s known to help to stimulate focus, concentration as well as improve mood?

Litsea Cubeba, Essential Oil — This oil has a vibrant, citrusy kick which is rejuvenating, energy-boosting and de-stressing — exactly what we all need and, quite frankly, deserve about now.

Lavender, Essential Oil — It’s a timeless ingredient for good reason. Harvested from the gorgeous natural surroundings of southern France, lavender oil is known to lend any formulation a calming, soothing quality.

Jasmine, Absolute — Beauty sleep is top of the agenda like never before. So, if you’re looking to create a magical formulation that can help with getting those much-needed forty winks, this lusciously aromatic Jasmine absolute might be just the ticket.


With wellness, it’s the little things that matter


Exercise, nutrition, sleep, social connectedness and mindfulness all play their part. Small, wellness-orientated changes don’t have to be difficult — so, here are a few simple ones to try…


1. Start the day with a glass of water:

Everyone knows about the benefits of staying hydrated, but most of us will admit we don’t drink enough H2O. Water hydrates our body and brain, improves mental cognition and can take the edge off unhealthy cravings.

2. Ditch the coffee:

Why not try switching out one of those cups of coffee for some antioxidant green tea? We all know the havoc that excess caffeine can wreak on our beauty sleep schedules.

3. Take the stairs:

Exercise is the wellness king — it releases mood-boosting chemicals in the brain, tones up our bodies and helps us to nod off in the evening. Make time for some daily exercise — however small. That quick trip to the shops? Load up a podcast and do it.

4. Tune into yourself:

Set aside 10 minutes in the evening to try some meditation and let go of the day’s stresses. Worry is the antithesis of wellness. When we’re stressed, cortisol levels rise and we experience unpleasant physical and mental symptoms. Being worried can also make it harder to sleep, as well as leading to us being less socially connected.


Is your beauty ‘wellness ready’?


Instill the virtues of wellbeing, wellness, health and happiness into your product range.

With a vast database of over 950 products, and more essential oil expertise than you can shake a stick at, we’re your one-stop shop for creating a remarkable, positive product range.

If you’re ready to get cracking on your next product range right away, there’s no time to lose — get in touch with our friendly team of natural oil experts.

P.S. — don’t forget to check back in soon for parts two and three of our Wellness Edit!