With the release of ACB Rice Water SF, Active Concepts leans into the viral TikTok trend

There are few treatments formulated specifically to enhance the health and appearance of hair, but one ingredient in particular has gained fame for its ability to accelerate hair growth, and rejuvenate damaged hair: ricewater.
Ayurveda, one of India’s oldest medical systems, focusing on health and well-being, is based according to tradition on three Upasthambhas, or life sub-pillars. Rice has been shown to have both nutritional and therapeutic benefits in Ayurvedic medicine, thus Active Concepts went the extra mile and created ACB Rice Water SF using the oldest known biotechnological technique of
fermentation to bring out the many beauty benefits rice has to offer.

The use of fermented biomass allows for efficient extraction on a cellular level in order to enhance natural, active ingredients. Rice is rich in starch, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, making it an excellent addition to any hair care routine. Many nutrients are transported from the rice grain to the rice water in the case of rice water. In this scenario, rice starch is hydrolyzed via the fermentation process to optimize molecular to provide ideal adsorption on keratinous substrates. Rather than discarding rice water after rinsing one’s grains, it may sustainably serve a second purpose of bringing forth scalp benefits, hair strengthening, and hair manageability.

ACB Rice Water SF has been shown in studies to:

  • Be capable of maintaining and enhancing hydration when compared to the untreated and H2O control. ACB Rice Water SF is a suitable addition to finished formulas intended to promote hair hydration.
    Protect hair humidity by using 5.0 percent ACB Rice Water SF in DI water. Furthermore, ACB Rice Water SF has a shinier and smoother texture than the DI water treated sample and a comparable look to the unexposed control.
  • The growing popularity of at-home hair treatments has given rise to #ricewater, a trend that gained attention on TikTok and social
    media in 2021. This resulted in the creation of this new environmentally friendly component as part of Active Concept’s commitment to an increasing number of customers interested in mindful beauty products.

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