Yield stress and flow behaviour of personal care products with ViscoQC 300

Investigating the flow behavior of personal care products is a major step in the quality control process. Gels or lotions need to have a specific viscosity to ensure smooth application and to meet customer expectations.

A parameter of special interest is the yield stress, which defines the force needed for a material to start flowing. It has an influence on how materials are processed e.g. the pumping and mixing speed. Furthermore, it plays an important role during application of the end product.  The force required to squeeze lotions, gels or toothpastes out of the tube.  It is also applicable when applying skin lotions or hair styling gels. A well-adjusted yield stress ensures easy application and user satisfaction.

The easy to use and robust ViscoQC 300 from Anton Paar can perform yield stress and viscosity investigations.  Featuring multi-point measurement and a range of vane probes it can automatically calculate yield stress.

Download this application note, and watch this video to find out more.

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